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MASSIVE RAVE, EDM, Raver life, festival clothing. Festival apparel,

An idea born at a festival many years ago, as a joke sat a group of tents chatting about what we could do. One north lad called Jack shouted lets have a MASSIVE RAVE!!! AND from that moment we arose many people from all walks of life and the rest of that history until i started to turn it into a brand quite the catchy name and last year it really took 2017 was a big year for me and the team. 2018 saw our new site take shape and it has been great so far with over 50 sales in its first-month couldn't have bought all these great items and new designs from our manufacturer in the USA.

if you have some designs you would like us to make please message us and something might be arranged

Also looking for models for taking photos in our clothing to be posted on our site and Instagram page please check massiverave_ and message us if your in interested in modeling 

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